You can invest in BrewDog USA Inc. by clicking here www.equityforpunksusa.com

Equity for Punks puts you, the people who drink our beer, at the center of everything we do and this past weekend we welcomed thousands of you to our Columbus brewhouse for the third annual Punk AGM USA! Alongside the great craft beer, street food and music our co-founders James and Martin dialled in a series of epic updates and plans for BrewDog – including this piece of news.

Equity for Punks USA is being extended for another 150 days, until January 22, 2019!

Visit equityforpunksusa.com to read all about investing in BrewDog.

We are giving the people of North America and around the world longer to be able to join our Equity Punk community and have their say in how our company is run. BrewDog Equity Punks also gain a series of unique benefits and perks such as discounts in our global bars and US online shop, free tours of our breweries in the US and UK and a signed copy of our beer book Craft Beer for the People.

You can buy a part of BrewDog USA for just $50, and for those looking to rock next-level investment we are also offering a series of Boosted Benefits. These extra perks are dependent on the level of investment and include things like a free subscription to our new TV service The BrewDog Network, which was also announced at our US AGM and launches world-wide on Monday August 27!

We are proud that BrewDog’s alternative small companies globally are owned by over 80,000 people who love craft beer as much as we do. Giving you guys more time to join us means we can dial in more incredible projects – for example the support of our Equity Punks gave us the chance to build the world’s first craft beer-themed hotel, The DogHouse Columbus which opened just in time for this weekend’s AGM!

At the same time, extending Equity for Punks USA until January 22, 2019 gives us a chance to look at new ways in which you can invest and have others join our community. Next month we are going to launch Equity for Punks USA gifted shares – meaning throughout the Fall and into the Holidays you can give the gift of craft beer ownership to that beer lover in your life! Stay tuned for more details!

Equity for Punks USA is a new future, and a new way of doing business. You can keep right up to date with Equity for Punks USA by bookmarking the Live Updates page, and you can invest in BrewDog USA by clicking here!

Got a question about investing in BrewDog? No sweat! Drop our Equity Punk Rangers a line on equitypunks@brewdog.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

You can invest in BrewDog USA Inc. by clicking here www.equityforpunksusa.com

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Greg 26.08.2018 @ 2:02pm
Sounds good to me I had a blast at the brewery on Saturday. Say hi to Martin for me!