The night of the year for Beer Geeks is nearly here. The ultimate celebration of geekery is the Live Final of the 2018 BrewDog Beer Geek Awards – set to take place July 31st at DogTap in our Canal Winchester brewery! From 6:30pm to 9:30pm we will be crowning the brainiest beer geeks in America. It’s going to be an amazing night.

And if you want to join us you can pick up your tickets right here!

On the night as well as getting a free beer on us, your ticket means you can watch the prizes being decided. But who is doing the Judging? Let’s meet our expert panel!

Tanisha Robinson

T is our MD and has utterly rocked since joining BrewDog USA a year ago. As entrepreneurial as they come she has founded several successful companies and has spoken all around the country on innovation and leadership. She knows her craft beer inside out and has a critical eye ideal for our judging panel.

Jeremy Fultz

Jeremy is the founder and contributing editor of Brew Studs, an awesome blog he set up back in 2015, reporting on and discussing all things craft beer. He also hosts and co-produces Turning Craft, a video platform in which he helps beer lovers convert their nearest and dearest to the craft beer revolution!

Kenny Gould

Kenny is the Founder of Hop Culture, an online lifestyle magazine for the newest generation of craft beer drinker. He is also a contributing writer to a plethora of publications, such as Time Out New York, Thrillist, and Men’s Health. As well as his passion for craft beer, he teaches yoga at different breweries around the country.

Nicole Erny

Nicole’s decade of experience has taken her from bartender to Master Cicerone. It was whilst working for the programme at the end of 2011 that she was awarded the top level, becoming (at the time) the fourth person to gain the title of Master Cicerone as well as the first woman and youngest ever person to pass. Since then, Nicole has gone on to become a leading beer consultant and speaker.

Ben Keene

Ben is the editorial director of BeerAdvocate, the website for ranking the best beers and breweries around the world. As well as writing online, and the magazine it publishes, Ben has contributed to other publications such as All About Beer Magazine and USA Today, and is the author of The Great Northeast Brewery Tour!

Matthew Curtis

Matthew is a British writer and photographer based in London and is Good Beer Hunting’s UK Editor since 2015 with strong ties to GBH across the pond! He’s brought in-depth stories from the UK beer scene to Good Beer Hunting’s global audience as well as covering the US, Europe and New Zealand. He can be found regularly hosting episodes of the Good Beer Hunting podcast.

Matt, Ben, Nicole, Kenny, Jeremy and Tanisha will be determining not just who triumphs out of the seven Beer Geek Awards categories but will then reconvene to decide the big one – America’s Biggest Beer Geek! This lucky person will then go up against the winner of the European version of the Live Final (taking place on the same night in London) to determine the ultimate accolade – World’s Biggest Beer Geek 2018.

If you would like to see all of this taking place then you can grab your ticket to the Beer Geek Awards Live Final here for only $7 (including a free beer). Beer Geeks. Assemble!

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